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COVID-19 lockdown: Is there a better way?

November 26, 2020 – English version

COVID-19: The Solution Is Within You!

April 11, 2020

COVID-19 lockdown: Finnes det bedre løsninger?

November 26, 2020 – Norwegian version

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At Health Optimizing, we specialise in understanding the bigger picture so that we can work effectively in identifying and solving health challenges from the roots. For the past 17 years, we have been building the future of health: we utilise a vast combination of high-tech methodologies to resolve the causative factors and stimulate the body’s own intrinsic self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms.

We have been developing our technologies and methodologies while providing real solutions to clients across 5 continents, who are utilising the Health Optimizing methodologies worldwide. Clients range from those facing serious illnesses with no other options to those already in great health seeking peak performance and their optimal state.

We are an all-encompassing clinic concept, leveraging leading edge, non-invasive technologies to accurately map more than 20,000 health-parameters for determining causative factors of people’s health problems to solve them directly. Our Founder, Thomas Aksnes, is a leading visionary in the field of high-tech medicine and is supported by scientists around the world, as well as his own team of Medical Doctors and Therapists.

The Health Optimizing concept includes a comprehensive health assessment process, mapping a client’s health and identifying the combination of causative factors of the health challenges. The most innovative aspect of our proprietary methodology is the combination of technologies: most of our technologies are being used in other settings, but without our methodology, they have very limited benefits. We have developed a concept that can help most people achieve optimum health, in a way that cannot be achieved by utilising the individual technologies or other types of treatment.

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