COVID-19: The Solution Is Within You!

By Thomas Aksnes, Founder & Scientific Director of Health Optimizing

I invite you to first watch the short video-intro below, recorded during the lockdown in Cape Town, where I have been stranded since our Health Optimizing global summit a month ago. This video gives you an introduction to my story, followed by an outline of the topics covered in the article below. The full article is an estimated 17-minute read, and is packed with important information and concrete advice.

For too long, we have been provided with singular pieces of the greater jigsaw puzzle that is health in today’s world. We feel this is an opportune time to see the broader picture, and to provide more clarity during this period of misinformation and significant uncertainty.

At Health Optimizing, our expertise lies not only in finding the pieces but in putting the full puzzle together. We specialise in understanding the bigger picture so that we can work effectively in identifying and solving health challenges from the roots. For the past 22 years, we have been building the future of health: we utilise a vast combination of high-tech methodologies to resolve the causative factors and stimulate the body’s own intrinsic self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms. The Health Optimizing concept is a new, high-tech form of integrative medicine, complementary to both conventional and alternative medicine. 

We have been developing our technologies and methodologies while providing real solutions to clients across 5 continents. We have helped more than 600 000 clients so far, ranging from those facing serious illnesses with no other options to those already in great health seeking peak performance and their optimal state. Given the results from our unique, high-tech methodologies, we have been at full capacity through referrals and chose to remain under the radar. Though in recent years, we have focused on expansion in order to realise the potential of our methodologies on a wider scale. With the global COVID-19 crisis, we feel a responsibility to publicly present what we do and our intention to serve.

The complexity of the human organism exceeds that of all man-made technologies combined. It’s a homeostatic system, where millions of processes are intrinsically regulated to perfection. As a result, an optimally functioning body has the capacity to easily deal with a variety of attacks, including most viruses.

There are millions of processes happening in the body at all times, kept in balance by intrinsic self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms. A notable percentage of these are dedicated to what we call the immune system. Different parts of the immune system have different purposes and deal with different aspects. The specific functions our bodies have to fight off COVID-19 need to have sufficient capacity available.

For the vast majority of the population, these mechanisms work perfectly. However, it is very common that most of the capacity of these mechanisms are utilised for something other than dealing with COVID-19. Other viruses can overload these mechanisms, and so can partially broken-down proteins (peptides) that cannot be properly digested by your body. The most common chronic virus is chronic low-expressed CMV (cytomegalovirus) and the most common acute viruses are adenovirus and rhinovirus, causing the common cold.

For most people, proteins such as wheat gluten and A1 casein (dairy) cannot be broken down completely into amino acids. As a result, these partially broken-down proteins can command the attention of these much needed resources. 

A viable path to self-healing is to minimise these distractions in order to free up more capacity in the body to handle the primary threat at hand: COVID-19.

For cells to function optimally, all factors should be in balance. Some of these factors are often ignored, such as the cell membrane potential (responsible for the dielectric properties of the cell membranes). All living cells have an exchange of ions. This is regulated by the dielectric properties of the cells, which is dependent on the cell voltage. A common aspect of ion exchange is the exchange of sodium and potassium ions, which is in ratio to the healthy aerobic activity of the cells. The cell voltage should, for the most part, be -90mV, while the threshold for a normal function is around -70mV. There are also other factors that must be in balance for optimal membrane functionality, including cell membrane vibration (one of many parameters distorted by 5 G millimeter waves, according to decades of research at two Russian institutes specialising in millimeter waves).

Another factor that is important for the exchange of ions is the difference of pH inside and outside the cells. Generally, you are supposed to have 6.97pH inside and 7.35pH outside the cells, which provides the anode and cathode that facilitates an electrolysis-like effect for the exchange of ions. The pH outside the cells can easily be distorted through today’s typical lifestyle challenges, and interstitial acidosis is a common problem. The interstitial fluid is the cells’ direct environment, and we have four times as much interstitial fluid as blood (which is just a transport channel). Unlike blood, the pH of the interstitial fluid is not effectively buffered by sodium hydrogen carbonate. Any interstitial pH imbalance results in a distortion of the electrolytic balance, and can have an impact on the exchange of ions, and thus, cellular function.

A more commonly known factor is ensuring a sufficient delivery of oxygen to the interstitial fluid. We also need the appropriate mechanisms for uptake and utilisation of the oxygen in the cells. Oxygen is bound very strongly to hemoglobin in the blood, and will only release when exchanged with CO2, hence we need to ensure that the cells are producing enough CO2. This is one aspect of what the mitochondrial function regulates, and is absolutely crucial for the uptake of oxygen, the primary fuel for the cells. The mitochondria are the power plants of the cells and produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the energy that fuels many essential processes in the cells. Any mitochondrial dysfunction can create a cascade of imbalances in the cells, and should not be ignored.

Proper hydration is essential. At these times, it’s more important than ever before to drink enough water to hydrate sufficiently. The quality of the water also plays a role, as it influences the bio-availability of the water. Another factor is the distribution of water inside and outside the cells. Through our diet and other lifestyle choices, we should avoid creating situations in which the body is forced to react, which can lead to inflammatory reactions that can cause the cells to swell or shrink. Furthermore, it is important not to overload the cells’ environment with toxins, because that will compromise the working ability of these different functions.

There is a multitude of factors that influence cellular health: you simply cannot view one of these single factors as more important than another, because there is no sequence of seniority.

The intrinsic system is very complex, and every piece of this system must be correct and regulating in a homeostatic way. If we take actions that distort even one of these factors, there will be a cascade of consequences. We must actively ensure that we allow this to function at all levels, and acknowledge that the body is a perfect self-regulating system.

Before exploring treatments, we believe it’s beneficial to first clarify what a virus is, and how it impacts your body at the cellular level. A virus is not a living organism: it is a DNA- or RNA-based program that impacts the body in 3 ways.

  • It makes the cells produce more of the same DNA or RNA, which is the only way the problem can accelerate;
  • It makes the cells behave differently to how they were programmed to function without the influence of this external program;
  • It triggers immune responses to fight them off;

It is the 3rd way that is responsible for most of the symptoms that we experience when we have a viral infection. In so-called “modern” medicine, the symptoms experienced as a result of this are often addressed as the problem, when in reality, they are actually part of the solution. By chemically suppressing the healing processes that are responsible for these symptoms, we’re working against the body’s ability to resolve the issue fast and effectively. A primary rule of medicine has been, and always should be: “First, do no harm.” Is this rule honoured when chemically fighting the body’s own restorative functions?

The SARS-CoV-2 virus, the cause of the COVID-19 disease, is an RNA-based virus that impacts in the same 3 ways as any other virus, though it has some unique traits. It is much more contagious than other viruses and it occasionally triggers a last resort immune response that can cause a cytokine storm in the lungs. This cytokine storm breaks down the alveolar-capillary barrier in the lungs and can cause hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the tissue) at a level that can be fatal. Quite a large part of the conversation surrounding COVID-19 revolves around immune stimulation, which can raise concerns because some forms of supplement-based immune stimuli can aggravate a cytokine storm. (Note: Vitamin C and D3 are safe and effective supplements for immune support.)

Furthermore, you can expect that your immune system is already working well. Your primary focus should not be on boosting what’s already functioning: it should be on supporting the immune system’s capacity to deal with the threat at hand. There are a number of actions one can take to boost the body’s capacity to better handle COVID-19 in ways that actively support your immune responses, rather than weaken them (fever lowering agents, etc.)

Any measures that will improve the body’s capacity to handle challenges will be beneficial, but the most important are the following directly influencing factors:

Improve Your Diet

Focus on eating foods that fuel your body and do not add any unnecessary strain. In addition to improving your capacity for self-healing by getting enough nutrients and avoiding added sugar, junk food, sodas, and chemical additives/residue, there is a dietary factor directly related to your capability of dealing with viruses.

When you eat proteins that you are not able to properly break down in your digestive system, the partially broken-down proteins (peptides) are likely to trigger an IgG immune response to neutralise them. This mechanism is an important defense against viruses, and your immune system will not be able to do its job effectively against COVID-19 if all of its capacity is utilised in dealing with peptides.

Wheat gluten and A1 casein (in dairy) are statistically the most problematic. The second biggest culprits are other forms of gluten (grains other than wheat), and other forms of casein (including all animal milk products), as well as soy protein and ovalbumin (egg white). These are things we recommend transitioning away from long-term for an optimal lifestyle, especially wheat gluten and A1 casein. At the very least, it is particularly important to abide by these suggestions when facing threats like COVID-19.

Sleep Well

Create an optimal sleep routine. Obviously you need enough sleep, but just as important is the quality of your sleep, and this is where some tweaks can make a dramatic difference.

During sleep, all restorative processes in the body are much more effective than when you’re awake. This is mainly regulated by your parasympathetic ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) being in a mode where all other processes are downregulated, and processes such as repair, detoxification and restoration are several times more active. The parasympathetic ANS also has another primary mode, with only one of these modes capable of upregulating at a time. If you eat before going to bed, you need the parasympathetic ANS to be in the mode of upregulating digestive processes to be able to digest the food, and you need it to be in restoration mode to be able to have quality sleep. Since only one of them can upregulate at a time, neither of these processes will work well if you eat before going to bed. Your last meal should be 3 hours before you sleep.

As your sleep cycle is hormonally regulated by melatonin, it’s important to support a natural melatonin cycle, which requires two steps. The first is to maintain complete darkness in your bedroom while you sleep, as any light exposure tells your body to reduce melatonin production and initiate the wake-up process. The second is to avoid blue light exposure for 3 hours before going to sleep, so that your body can start producing melatonin in preparation for sleep. Blue light exposure comes from digital screens and LED lighting, so ideally these should not be used during this time. An alternative for digital screens is to set the blue light filter on a timer and at maximum blue light filtration. Most mobile devices and some TVs have this feature. If you’re using a TV that does not have this feature, you can use yellow glasses made for blue light filtration. However, we recommend other evening activities like reading, social conversation, meditation or lovemaking, instead of watching TV routinely.

During sleep, you are also much more sensitive to RF/EMF exposure, such as WiFi, mobile phone signals and electro-smog. You can measurably improve your sleep cycle by turning off WiFi at night, setting your phone on flight mode, and avoiding chargers and extension cords next to the bed. If, for some reason, you cannot put your phone on flight mode, we suggest leaving it in the next room. If your WiFi router does not have built-in scheduling, we recommend powering it down, so that you can have the wireless signals off during your sleeping hours.

Keep Your Cool: Placebo vs. Nocebo Effect

The placebo effect is the best-proven health influence there is, as all medical treatments must be tested towards placebo. Many science-based treatments on the market are just a few percent more effective than placebo. As an example, the placebo effect can sometimes account for 70% effect of a total of 74% effect from a drug & placebo combination. The opposite of placebo is called nocebo. This is when we worsen our symptoms because we believe we are exposed to a factor that will make us more ill. Most factors and regulations in the body, including immune functions to deal with COVID-19, can be heavily influenced by the mind. If you believe that you’re exposed to something extremely dangerous that might kill you, you program your body to deteriorate. Please realise that for people who don’t already have extreme health challenges and/or very high age, the fatality rate is very low. Your chances are even better when you program yourself to heal well, rather than the opposite. (Note: If you are in the high-risk groups this is even more important, but then you should also self-quarantine as long as it takes.)

Minimise Negative Exposure

In today’s society, we are exposed to many chemical toxins and sources of RF/EMF exposure, that our bodies have not yet adapted to through evolution. Luckily, our self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms are created with good buffer capacity to handle threats, and we have incredible intrinsic detoxification capabilities and repair mechanisms. It’s imperative that the exposure does not exceed our capacity to handle said exposure. There is a lot of exposure that is impossible to eliminate in its entirety, therefore, we need to take extra care when it comes to the factors that we can control in our environment.

The most common chemical threats you should be aware of in today’s society are: glyphosate (Roundup herbicide), pesticides, teflon, aluminium, mercury, fluoride and certain food additives (artificial sweeteners, flavour enhancers, colourants, etc). Generally, choosing organic products across the board, from food produce to skincare products, takes the edge off most chemical related concerns. The first step to positive transformation is awareness.

We are electromagnetic beings, and RF/EMF factors can measurably impact the body in a negative manner. These include mobile phone towers and phones, AirPods and other in-ear bluetooth devices, electro-smog (from in-house electrical systems), high-voltage power lines, excess WiFi, radars, microwaves, ionizing radiation (from nuclear power plants), and especially the new 5 G system millimeter waves. Measures include using your phone less, answering on speakerphone, not keeping your phone close to your body, and reducing the WiFi power as much as possible (adjustable in settings). Consider relocating if you live under a high-voltage power line or near radars or cellular towers. The millimeter waves utilised in the upcoming 5 G system are particularly detrimental to your cells’ ability to withstand viral attacks. Statistics highlight that the locations in which 5 G experiments are currently taking place have shown a significantly higher COVID-19 fatality rate. Many cities have campaigned successfully against the installation of 5 G towers, and for your health, we recommend supporting such campaigns in your local area.

Cellular Optimization

In addition to previously discussed factors (like proper hydration), much can be done to facilitate further cell optimization utilising novel, high-tech methodologies. This is our core field of expertise. For 22 years we have been developing technologies and methodologies to optimize health, and continue to push the frontier.

Many of the previously outlined factors for cellular health can be optimized with a technology called Health Optimizing CellRegulation. This device is intended for home use twice per day. It has a direct balancing effect on the exchange of ions over the cell membranes, which occurs in conjunction with the working of the cells in your body. There are different programs for regulating specific factors according to individual needs, as well as an overall balancing program which can safely, and effectively, be utilised by anyone. When cellular health is optimized with the help of this technology, you have far greater resilience when it comes to handling any cellular threat, including COVID-19.

Additionally, we have successfully developed and tested a prototype of a portable home device for boosting immune functions and other self-healing mechanisms. In light of the COVID-19 crisis,we are currently putting more emphasis and resources on the final development of this product.

Our Health Optimizing clinics, which are located across 5 continents, utilise the latest hi-tech methodologies to map out what is not functioning optimally in the body, and then identify all primary and secondary roots of the challenges. We utilise whatever the most effective technologies are for resolving each causative factor directly. Then we ‘hack’ and stimulate the body’s self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms to resolve the imbalances and restore homeostasis.

Factors like chronic viruses and other challenges that cause weakening at a cellular level, are particularly important to resolve to improve the handling capability towards COVID-19. In addition, a health optimized body has better capacity to deal with any challenge and to minimise the consequences.

The likelihood of getting COVID-19 is pretty high, and you should be aware of how to face it if you do contract it.

You should follow all of the readily available official recommendations for reducing contamination, however, we have some additional suggestions for you to overcome it more effectively.

When you find yourself experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, we recommend you continue with the above preventative measures, and also take note of the below suggestions so as not to cause any unnecessary added strain on your body:

  • Do not go to the hospital, unless you cannot avoid it. There is no curative treatment at present and there is a high risk of attracting other pathogens in hospitals. The treatments given can be counter-productive, such as fever lowering agents, as they are not supporting the only thing that can actually fight the virus, which is your immune system. A respirator/ventilator can potentially have some beneficial effects, but some emergency room doctors are currently warning about a potential increased fatality risk from using them. If you can, stay home and allow your body to fight it off with its own intrinsic self-healing mechanisms.
  • Let your fever run. Do not take any medication that will lower your fever. Your body is reacting with a fever because it needs it in order to successfully heal itself. Your immune system’s capability of fighting viruses can be 5 times more powerful at 40C/104F, than at normal body temperature. (If you are not able to get a fever when you need it, consider using a sauna if you have access to one. As long as you drink enough water in conjunction with it, there can be additional virus-fighting benefits from it, as long as it’s not a sauna that generates strong EMF.)
  • Stay safe from other pathogens. Don’t put yourself at risk of other viruses, as this will minimise your body’s capacity to effectively handle COVID-19.
  • Stay safe from other respiratory threats. Don’t weaken your respiratory system with cigarettes, vaping or exposure to mould fungus in the air.
  • Hydrate abundantly well. We recommend drinking a glass of pure water every hour, in between meals. If you don’t, you might get so sick that you have to go to the hospital for intravenous fluid which then puts you at risk, as explained previously.

For extreme COVID-19 cases, there exists a non-invasive solution that should ideally become accessible to the public: Plasma-light with specific pulsations that can destroy the virus’ nucleotides through resonance.

You may have heard how singing a high C can make a crystal glass shatter. This is because the sound frequency of a high C matches the resonance frequencies of the crystal glass. The soundwave will, therefore, be in resonance with the crystal glass, and make it vibrate increasingly until it shatters. Plasma-light therapy works in a similar manner to destroy the virus, when the frequencies match the resonant frequencies of the nucleotides, as measured in molecular spectroscopy.

Every substance consists of molecules, and all molecules have molecular movements. Thus, every molecular structure has a unique molecular movement pattern. The substance is recognisable by this pattern, and can be obliterated by creating a field with the same pattern. On a surface, resonance can be created with sound, light or almost any other type of field. The significance lies in the specificity of the frequency patterns, but what’s most important is to find a way to be able to eliminate the pathogens inside the body. For that, one would need to apply the resonant frequencies on a carrier that can penetrate the body, without causing any impact on the tissue or other structures in the body.

The only known option that fits these criteria is plasma-light. Plasma-light is part of the sun’s spectrum, but unlike most of the sun’s spectrum, it penetrates all organic, and most inorganic, matter. While reading this, you’re likely being exposed to plasma-light piercing through the building you’re in, and through you. It’s a completely non-invasive ray, and it’s perfect as a medium to achieve resonance effects with factors inside the body, such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

At Health Optimizing, we have a decade of experience with plasma-light, where we use frequency patterns measured with molecular spectroscopy. We have undertaken a significant amount of testing to improve efficiency and minimise the number of treatments needed. We have discovered that using molecular movement patterns in super-resonant octaves in addition to the original frequencies optimises efficacy, as this incorporates all the octaves in-between. With our proprietary methodologies, we are able to destroy the nucleotides of the viruses in very few plasma-light sessions. Examples include the Epstein-Barr Virus and chronic Cytomegalovirus, for which we have thousands of case studies from our clinics around the world. On average, we can eliminate these viruses in 3 sessions, though there are viruses that require more sessions. However, we have dealt with hundreds of different pathogens and have yet to find one that we have not been able to successfully resolve.

We are currently in dialogue with health authorities in several countries, to whom we are providing our Health Optimizing IP (with no commercial interest) to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. As it stands now, it’s likely that multiple reputable hospitals will be participating in clinical trials utilising our methodologies. These trials are planned to be commencing shortly, and we will share the results in a subsequent article.

We trust this article has given you a lot more clarity when it comes to COVID-19 and how to handle it. COVID-19 has opened a broader conversation around health and the limitations of the current medical paradigm. It has forced the world to wake up. 

Our intention is to provide you with a deeper understanding of your health, so that you can better deal with any subsequent threat, and even optimize your health further towards a goal of thriving.

In a time of great uncertainty, it is challenges like these that trigger our growth. For the first time in history, we are all united. This is our opportunity to realise our potential and carve a healthier future for ourselves and generations to come. Make health a priority!

If you’d like to find out how to get involved and redefine the medical paradigm, please email:

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Thomas Aksnes is the founder of Health Optimizing. He is also an internationally renowned speaker, having been the featured keynote speaker at more than 100 health conferences around the world. For more information about the author, visit

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Thank you for a very good article with good explenation and advices! I am eating gluten- and dairy- free, and will follow the advices if/ when I get COVID- 19.

Good article. Thanks for reaching out with overall good health advise.
Keep safe. Wish a good journey back to Norway after your lock down.

Thank you for a very informative article. We currently live in Spain and our whole household got infected with COVID-19 a few weeks back. Apart from a burning sensation in the lungs and a deep cough the main symptom was an extreme fatigue that lasted for three weeks. Due to existing health issues, all family members are on a gluten- and milk free diet. Besides, we have been supplmenting with vit. A for some time to restore levels that were low due to food intolerances. So, for us this virus was not really a big deal. However, there are room for improvement as regards chronical health issues in our family, and I will make sure to look into your treatment options. Best regard from Spain

Hi Thomas – a great friend of mine, Mark Holmes, told me about this article. It’s terrific. Would you allow me to publish a slightly slimmed down version on Only Good News Daily? And, of course, a link to your blog too.

Thank you very much for this, I immediately read what you had to say about covid19, my father is doing better because of your clinic in the Philippines, we are very thankful

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